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Welcome to the SSAA Rockhampton Branch Inc. web-site.

1st June 2020


• Current licensed SSAA Members ONLY, no Form 33 shooters or visitors.
• Anyone feeling unwell must not come to the Range.
• Social distancing of 1.5m as per current Government Regulations is an automatic requirement. Anyone not following these Government Regulations will be asked to leave the Range.
• Shooters are required to bring their own pen, sanitizer, bench mat/cover and correct Range Fee (no change will be given).

• We will be following our normal Monthly Calendar, which will include our General Monthly Meeting this Saturday 6th June. Bookings are essential as numbers will be limited to 20 people ONLY. The only variation will be Friday Rifle Practice which will run 2 sessions…8-10am and 10am-12noon.

• Bookings will be taken up to 48 hours prior to next match. Numbers will be limited to 20 people ONLY. You can phone or text 0477 008 182 between 9am -12noon and 4-7pm ONLY to make your own booking. Please do not contact your Discipline Captains to put your name down as we will have only one central booking sheet. Please do not arrive at the Range without a booking as you may be disappointed if fully booked out.

• Range Fees remain the same for rifle and pistol at $5 Adult / $2 Junior. You should bring your own patches if required. Range Fee for Shotgun will be $15.00 for 50 targets.

• Obviously we are all keen to return to the Range to shoot, and if we all abide by these considerations we will be able to manage any issues as they arise. Please contact the Committee via phone or email with any concerns, observations or ideas during this time of change. We need to stay safe and comply with Government Regulations to ensure we can stay open indefinitely, and with everyone’s co-operation we will.

Yours Sincerely,

Gina Bianchi Secretary On behalf of the Executive Committee


Grant Nolan, President


This is a friendly club with many members.  Many of our members are family groups with keen competition between mum and dad, and the teenagers.

Junior shooters (11 - 18 years) are especially catered for by teaching them respect for others, respect for their equipment and respect for the ethos of sport.

The club is well run with an effective executive and a large number of Discipline Captains and Range Officers whose main concern is safety for all concerned and fairness in competition.


We own our land at the Cawarral Range, and it is a fauna reserve.          

The club is in excellent financial state and is successfully audited annually.

We shoot many different matches every month - refer to the Calendar.  Some of these matches - we call them disciplines - are  more popular than others, but this does not always relate to the degree of difficulty.  All have their own difficulties ranging from very small or moving targets to various distances to timed events.


What about help getting you started?

Our monthly program is your first step. Choose which shoots to come to - you don't have to shoot at first. We are happy to have spectators but everyone must comply with the SSAA Standard Range Rules and Range Standing Orders.  Pets must be leashed and kept away from the firing line.

Everyone needs: ear protection.  Shooters also must have: eye protection and closed-in shoes.

Introduce yourself to the Discipline Captain - Range Officer 'RO'.


The 'RO' will ask you to sign the Range Register and complete any official forms and fees.  Photo ID will be required as part of the official forms.

The 'RO' will introduce you to members who can assist with teaching and use of their equipment. 

Shooting is strictly controlled by Laws, Permits and Rules including: the Weapons Act Range Approval & Conditions, SSAA Standard Range Rules, the Particular SSAA Discipline Rules and the Range Standing Orders.

Beginners are expected to reimburse the cost of ammunition used - just ask your support member.

Beginners who wish to obtain a firearm licence must undergo a firearm safety course specific for the type of firearm they wish to use. The club will advise on licensing requirements which vary depending on whether you wish to shoot: pistol, rifle, or shotgun firearms.  Generally speaking, you should be a member of an approved sports shooting club - such as ours - before you will be considered for a license.

If you wish to join our Branch, then refer to the Join menu.


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