Latest News

SSAA Qld Inc. have advised that a new Covid-19 Movement and Gathering Direction (No. 4) has been issued as of 11.30am 2nd September.  Recent changes have seen our numbers capped at 30 for outdoors and 10 indoors.  The only other new requirement we need to comply with is to maintain an Attendance Register, which is in addition to our Range Registers and Visitors Books.

Upon entry to each Range you will now complete your details on the allocated form, then complete the Range Register/Visitors Book prior to each match.  Don’t forget to bring your own pen, sanitiser and bench mat.  Please don’t attend the Range if you are feeling unwell, fall into any at-risk categories or have recently travelled to any of the listed hotspots.  Failure to comply will prevent you from proceeding any further.

Whilst most of our matches fall under the 30 capped limit we will need to take bookings for the following –

General Monthly Meeting – Saturday 5th Sept
Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 16th Sept
CSP – Sunday 27th Sept
Safety Courses – Sunday 4th October

Please ring the Branch mobile number – 0477 008 182 to book or make further enquiries