You will need a genuine reason to obtain a Category A & B Firearms Licence. If you become a Member of S.S.A.A. you can then list your genuine reason as Sports & Target Shooting and Recreation & Hunting, as we are an approved body prescribed under the law. Anyone who is already a member can help you or contact us to answer any queries.


The State Office can assist you to contact a S.S.A.A. Safety Course Instructor in your area. Please note you will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) to complete the enrolment into the safety course. The USI is similar to a Tax File Number but is used for training organisations. You can apply online at the USI Website.

All S.S.A.A. (QLD) Inc. Instructors have attained the Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment. As it takes time for your Membership Card to arrive, and you need proof of Membership of an Association to apply for a license, we suggest you Join Now.


When you have completed your Safety Course we will post to you a ‘Statement of Attainment’ this is your proof that you have successfully completed the Safety Course. A copy of this will be needed when you apply for your licence.


When you have everything you need to apply for your licence you have a couple of options. The QLD Police Service offer an online application system which is the preferred system and is much quicker However you also have the option to go to the Police Station nearest to you and ask for an ‘Application for a License’ Form 1 and a ‘Proof of Identity’ Form 30, or download them from the Queensland Police Service Website. Fill these in and pay the fees, then proceed to your participating Australia Post to show your proof of identity documents and have your ID photos taken (free of charge).  These documents must consist of a Commencement document (eg.  Birth Certificate), a Primary document (eg. Drivers Licence) and a Secondary document (eg. Medicare / Credit Card).  If lodging through the police station they will take your fees and submit them to Weapons Licensing Branch where they will be processed. Have patience, as they will only be processed after 28 days.


When your licence arrives, you can then decide which firearm best suits your needs. Different types (we call them Disciplines) of shooting require different types of firearms, so try all the Disciplines that your Branch has, then decide on the firearm you want – don’t make a hasty decision. When you have decided what you need, visit or call your local gun shop.



Obtaining a handgun licence is different to the steps you need to get a rifle licence. Just being a member of S.S.A.A. is not enough, you need to be a member of a ‘Pistol Section’ of a S.S.A.A. Branch, or an ‘Approved Club’, most S.S.A.A. Branches have a pistol section. To join this ‘Approved Club’ you have to go to the Police Station and ask for a ‘Pre Approval’ application form, QP 0515 Statement of Eligibility to Join an Approved Pistol Shooting Club or complete and lodge it at a Police Station or Australia Post. Weapons Licensing Branch will process the form and send you back a letter authorising you to join a Club.


When the letter comes back, you can then join our Branch Amenity Application. The Branch will advise you on what is required to join. You are now on probation for 6 months. During that time you have to attend a minimum of 3 Branch Competition Shoots, these shoots will be recorded on your Participation Record Card that the Branch will issue you when you join. At any time within the 6 months you can do a 10618NAT Weapons Act Safety Pistol Course, then when your 6 months are up you can apply for your licence.


After you have sent your application form in, it will be processed after 28 days has passed from the date that you submitted it. So have patience.